pretty faces
small boobs

I dont take credit for these photographs, unless stated

rachaelsinsides: Amazing blog, these photos are so great to look at. I swear there is so many things 'wrong' with having small boobs that people around me talk about. People need to realise everything is beautiful, and I'm so glad to have found this!

<3 boobs yes

ohmydarlinq: Is there any way you can find some bigger girls with small boobs? I'm not saying plus-sized or anything, because they normally have naturally large chests, but the girls/woman from the size 5-10 range. I'm a size 8 and still wear an A cup, so it would be nice to see some thicker girls with flat chests get some love. ^.^ And if not, I still totally love this blog. It has made me so much more confident about being flat chested!

I will look around for you love! I mean I’m a skinny girl, but I got a little booty, I can relate! …. kinda :3

xlostprincess: this is definitely the best blog i've ever found, i always feel really self conscious and down that girls with big chests get all the attention but this blog has made me feel alot better and quite proud to be naturally skinny and small boobs <3

:D thanks. i haven’t been posting much, but getting this has made me want me to do more.

amberhomage-deactivated20140701: love love love love your blog!!! <3 ... you are very pretty btw. bueatiful face and breasts yourself!!!

:3 thank you and thank you.